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Production of gravel products

JABI Commercial and Industry is the leading company in the construction inputs manufacturing and distribution business with transportation. Particularly its market share increasing from time to time of the market for different pebbles of 00, 01, 02 and special crushed pebbles products. The accelerated growth of the company, along with other fundamental reasons like environmental change, increased competition and management's desire for better performance, has become some of the driving forces behind the need to diversify your company's business.

Recently the companies activate multi-business operation with high expansion all over the country. In all walks of life the company moves by keeping itself to grow in terms of working capital, Number of Fixed Assets (Trucks, vehicles, Dozers & Building), Skilled Human Resources. It also in a dynamic change to improve the service that it delivers to its customers as it heartily believes that the most precious of its assets are its customers. It has opened accounts for its customers in almost all commercial banks so that they will be able to make payments for the company being anywhere to be convenient for them; it provides its customers with the most fair price offers and its delivery lead time is relatively the shortest of all. On top of that, all its sales persons are ready for 24 hours per week on phone to respond to the customer's inquires and complaints, if any, from distance.

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Production of gravel products - Service Detail
Jabi Commercial and Industry is a well-known company on the most reliable gravel production. Our company always focuses on the satisfaction of our customers, so we produce the most reliable gravel product to achieve this.